This week at

My daughter had Monday off from school and her afterschool daycare was closed so we stayed home together. I decided to sneak a little work in by getting her to help me with the storyboard for my latest picture book idea. I drew out the pages on a big sheet of paper, made some very rough sketches, and she colored them. It helped me work out the pacing and some story points I was having trouble with, and it was fun for my daughter. Here's what we've done so far:

I also worked some more on the illustration below. It's coming along, slowly but surely:

I also updated my mailing list with the latest Children's Writers' and Illustrators' Market and The Book from the SCBWI. I currently have about 180 names on my list and I plan to send out a postcard next month.

Oh, I also changed my Twitter profile to include the word "curmudgeon." I think it suits me:

That's it for now; see you next week!