April 24 - April 30: this week at Valdraws

I finished my value studies for Art Camp week 1, and started on the color studies. Unfortunately, I saved over one of the files with three of my value studies so I can't post them, but the important thing is that I did them.

I decided I'm going to give myself two weeks to finish each week of Art Camp so that I have time to work on other things too. I still want to do Illustration Friday, but I'm going to let myself submit a sketch, rather than trying to do a finished piece, and I'm also going to work on the dummy for my picture book. Here's the rough sketch for IF and my very rough storyboard that I did this week:

Lots of scribbly notes

Lots of scribbly notes

I also filled a few more orders in my Etsy shop, and thought about getting those other items listed, but there just aren't enough hours in the day for all of it, so I'm focusing on my picture book and Art Camp right now.

So, that's it for this week; until next time!