butterfly girl

This (two) week(s) at Valdraws : May 15 - May 28

I totally spaced on posting last week. I've been working on my dummy every day, but so much of what I've been doing has been planning, which involves a lot of thinking and scribbly sketches, but not much that's worth showing. I will show another sketch of my main character and the first finished sketch for the dummy:

I've been experimenting with some free 3D posing software and a posing app for my phone to help me sketch characters. It's easier than getting my six year old to stand still long enough to take a picture!

Anyway, this book is my main focus right now, so although I don't have a lot to post, there's plenty going on behind the blogging scenes.

I'll keep plugging away, and try to stick to my weekly posting schedule going forward. Until next time...