August 28: this week at ValDraws

Cleaned up this sketch:

I also did quite a bit of work with the Ivan Brunetti cartooning exercises, as well as with Lynda Barry's book, Syllabus. The two work well together and Barry uses some of the Brunetti exercises in her teaching, so it's easy to use them together. I'll upload some of the work I've done when I have a little more time, and I'm feeling a little less self-conscious.

That's it for now!

August 21 - the last few weeks at Val Draws

Now where was I... I missed a few weeks of blogging, but I have been consistently working on refining the art for my mini book promo:

Weird cropping and borders aside, I'm happy with how things are coming along. 

I also got a new book called Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice by Ivan Brunetti. It's pretty amazing. It's based on a college course he teaches and is structured by weeks, with exercises and assignments. I just finished the first week (and read ahead a bit) and things are already making sense to me in a way that they never did before, and ideas are flowing probably better than they ever have. I don't think I'm articulating very well how good and special this book is, so just go buy a copy, okay?