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October 9: the last few weeks at Val Draws

Well, I've been a lazy blogger, haven't I? But I haven't been a lazy illustrator; I've been plugging away at my mini-book, as well as beginning sketches for other portfolio pieces, which may also find their way into mini-books of their own. Here's where drawings stand for the mini-book:

I also finally drew my wolf-girl in an all-fours running pose that I'm happy with. It was harder than I expected.

I also signed up for an online Chinese Brush Painting course, which is pretty cool. And now I'm tired of typing, so that's all for now!

Another week closer to death

Oh, alright, I did a little more than just get seven days older this week, but I'm feeling extra curmudgeonly today. Anyway, this week I didn't spend a ton of time on finished art, but I did work some more on this piece. Right now I hate the monster's feet, but I'll figure it out:

I did super rough sketches for the first couple spreads for one of my picture book dummies:

and I designed a monkey in shining armor for yet another picture book I've got in the works:

I also finished adding names to my mailing list so now I have to go back and try to figure out if there are any old ones that I need to get rid of. Also worked a bit on my postcard. Waffling on the logo/name/text right now, and of course agonizing over my choice of images:

There's some weirdness going on around the image on the back, but I'll fix that before printing.

There's some weirdness going on around the image on the back, but I'll fix that before printing.

And now I have to go help save a child whose day is ruined because she spilled almond milk on her taco. See you next week!

A letter a day: U is for upside-down

Yep, that's upside-down alright. U-is-for-upside-down-valerie-bean-illustration

I also wanted to mention that I watched the live stream of Lisa Congdon's class, Become A Working Artist, over the last two days and it was really terrific. It was full of practical advice, much of which I was pleased to find out I've already started doing, and covers fine art, licensing, illustration, marketing, and more. If you didn't get to watch it live, consider purchasing the video. It's over 12 hours of instruction from someone who has lived what she teaches and it's totally worth the price.