A letter a day: G is for graveyard

It was kind of interesting to watch this one develop, so I thought I'd post the stages it went through: Stage 1, the pencil sketch:

G is for graveyard stage 1 sketch

Stage 2, the basic shapes and colors established in Illustrator:


Stage 3, adding paint in ArtRage:

G is for graveyard stage 3 Artrage

Stage 4, adding texture and other finishing touches in Photoshop:

G is for graveyard stage 4 Photoshop

And finally back into Illustrator to drop it into my alphabet template:



A letter a day: D is for dark night

I love how my smiling, spooky tree turned out, thanks  in large part to this tree bark tutorial on deviantart: D-is-for-dark-night-valerie-bean-illustration

Here's another great art licensing resource: it's not free but it's a steal at just $2.99. It's Kate Harper's 20 Steps to Art Licensing, and it's another one of my favorite resources. It's a no-nonsense, straight to the point guide for breaking into art licensing. She literally lays out what you need to do in 20 concise steps. You really can't go wrong for $2.99. Kate also has a great blog with a list of companies that license art here.



A letter a day: B is for bones (plus a link to a great art licensing resource)

Every day, I'm convinced I can't, and every day, I do it. B-is-for-bones

I promised I would start sharing some of my favorite resources for art licensing, and here's the first one: How to Create a Sell Sheet for Artists eGuide by Natalie Timmons. It's free, it's concise, it's detailed, and it is incredibly useful; it's the best guide I've found for creating sell sheets for your art licensing collections. And did I mention it's FREE!?


A letter a day: A is for apparition

On to the 2nd alphabet: Halloween and "A is for apparition." I have to confess, every day I'm mildly panicked at the prospect of actually coming up with a piece that I'm proud to share, and yet, so far, I've managed to pull it off every day for the last 27 days. Maybe I can really do this. When I started this daily challenge, it was just to challenge myself to make something every day and post it for the world (or at least my family) to see. I quickly realized it would be a great way to develop collections of art for licensing, and of course, holidays are huge in the world of art licensing. The monster alphabet was a great place to start; I feel like it was something of a warm-up, proof to myself that I could stick with a daily art-making plan, and I'm pretty excited to be starting on this Halloween collection.

As I go along, I'm going to write more about what I'm learning about art licensing; I've found some really great resources, and I'm going to start sharing those, as well as chronicling my journey toward building a licensing portfolio and becoming a licensed artist. Stayed tuned!



A letter a day: B is for beast

Today's letter: B is for beast! I did this one in Illustrator again (CS5). I used the bristle brush a lot on this one to do the shading and the furry stripes. In some ways, it's a lot like work in a regular non-vector painting program like ArtRage, so I felt right at home using it. I'm having fun learning some new techniques and I'm loving how these little guys are turning out. I wonder what tomorrow's Creepy Creature will look like!



A letter a day: A is for abominable

I've decided to challenge myself to illustrate one letter of the alphabet a day, every day. Every letter will have the same theme, and if all goes well, when I get to the end of the alphabet, I'll begin again with a new theme. The theme for the first alphabet is MONSTERS!!! A-is-for-abominable-valerie-bean-illustration

I decided to take the opportunity to play with Illustrator since I don't usually do vector art. I don't plan on forcing myself to stick with any particular technique for the whole alphabet, but I did have a lot of fun making this little guy, so who knows what tomorrow's beastly B might look like!



Leaf repeat pattern

Okay, how cool is this? I went through some old collage experiments I did a few years ago when I was doing the exercises in Collage Lab, and I found this piece and made it into a repeating pattern. It's actually real leaves glued to a piece of chipboard and painted. I'm going to incorporate it into the Fall portion of my terrarium piece for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search.

Sometimes it pays to be a pack-rat. :-D

leaf repeat valerie bean lilla rogers global talent search