Mixed-media collage on the iPad

My favorite app is still ArtStudio, but for this piece, "Aries," I relied more on Artrage. As versatile as ArtStudio is, you really can't beat Artrage for replicating natural media like watercolor. 20111103-115516.jpg

I started with the "watercolor paper" texture then imported a scan of a blank page from an old book and used one of Artrage's oil brushes with the "Thinners" setting pretty high (70%) to paint over it, letting just a little of the page underneath show through.


Next, I imported scans from an old dictionary and a book on astrology (both in the public domain!), as well as a line drawing I did in ArtStudio to use as a guide for painting. I erased the parts of the book pages that I didn't want, leaving just her dress, shoes, and her headband with horns.


Finally, I painted with Artrage's watercolor brushes, using different layers for each area so I could easily make changes. Later, I'll add some hand lettered text in the white area around the image, probably in ArtStudio, and "Aries" will be done!