Vector art

A letter a day: G is for graveyard

It was kind of interesting to watch this one develop, so I thought I'd post the stages it went through: Stage 1, the pencil sketch:

G is for graveyard stage 1 sketch

Stage 2, the basic shapes and colors established in Illustrator:


Stage 3, adding paint in ArtRage:

G is for graveyard stage 3 Artrage

Stage 4, adding texture and other finishing touches in Photoshop:

G is for graveyard stage 4 Photoshop

And finally back into Illustrator to drop it into my alphabet template:



A letter a day: B is for beast

Today's letter: B is for beast! I did this one in Illustrator again (CS5). I used the bristle brush a lot on this one to do the shading and the furry stripes. In some ways, it's a lot like work in a regular non-vector painting program like ArtRage, so I felt right at home using it. I'm having fun learning some new techniques and I'm loving how these little guys are turning out. I wonder what tomorrow's Creepy Creature will look like!